Best Hair Thickening Products

best hair thickening productsFinding the best hair thickening products can be difficult and frustrating, especially for those experiencing thinning thatch just want to find the best possible options to make themselves look as good as they possibly can. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different services and items available over the Internet and in stores are promising to add density and volume when needed. The best hair thickening products come in all shapes and guises, but mostly work in a similar way in that they try to add volume to existing strands usually by coating them with a chemical or organically based ingredient. Another common method of hair thickening is to add extensions to one’s head, this is definitely not recommended for those experiencing thinning as it can make already weakening follicles weaker and weaker and lead to their atrophy. Once this happens, it may be very difficult even impossible to regain what one once had.  I would certainly not call these great examples of the best hair thickening products.I hope my experience helps in fininding the best hair thickening products.

Besides finding the best hair thickening products, finding the best hair thickening shampoo is also something that many people search for. In my experience, Nizoral, which in  terms of shampoo is  fantastic and one of the best hair thickening products comes out tops in all departments. It contains an active ingredient called ketocanizale that is well known to slow down baldness. In my own experiences as a fantastic purchase and has made a really big difference to me. It’s inexpensive, and can be bought over the counter and the best part is that the effects of one application usually last for up to 5 days. This is a huge advantage as it doesn’t have to be used daily to be part of the best hair thickening products.

Best Hair Thickening Products for men and women to use to make their locks look thicker and fuller.

Hair replacement is an industry that’s been going on for decades and is estimated to be worth several hundred million dollars per year. Hundreds of thousands of men and women have undergone surgical, follicular replacements ultimately looking for the best hair thickening products. I don’t think this is a great examle of best hair thickening products.This usually involves taking follicles from the so-called donor areas of the sides and back of the head and implanting them in bald areas, this may seem pretty gruesome. The very best hair thickening products don’t rely on surgery or even involve extremely high costs, in fact the best ones are surprisingly inexpensive. In fact, in my opinion the best hair thickening products are simple and won’t cause any damage to roots at all.

This can be effective because follicles taken from the donor areas don’t usually fall out and grow for the period of one’s lifetime. However, there is no guarantee that they will continue growing when they are placed into the new areas. Furthermore, as with any surgery that can be scarring and the risk of infection. Anyone considering this, should research it thoroughly and consider all the disadvantages as well as the advantages.

So then, what are the best volumizing products for those suffering thinning? In my opinion, and through personal experience, spending literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars on almost anything and everything to get my hands on, there are only three items I would seriously consider.

These best hair thickening products  include Nizoral shampoo, Minoxidil and Finasteride and a keratin based cosmetic enhancer.

As mentioned earlier, Nizoral is an excellent shampoo, many people have found a difference using this. If you search you can find wave after wave of positive feedbacks and reviews on this across the web on different blogs. Minoxidil and Finasteride are proven medications that can slow down and even halt he effects of male and female pattern baldness respectively. As with any medication, there can be side-effects to using these and although not life-threatening they might be adequate enough to stop some people wanting to use them. Again, a side-effects associated with these can easily be researched and easily looked into.

Finally, my absolute top tip to make an instant change would have to be cosmetic keratin based fibres, I have personally used these myself and can definitely say that they are absolutely the best hair thickening products available for those that don’t want to undertake dangerous, costly surgery. The results these can produce have to be seen to be believed and can make dramatic improvements immediately, albeit cosmetically to find the very best hair thickening products available on the market today. The best way to really get an idea of what I am talking about is to look at a video of these sorts of products. Preferably one that is clear and transparent and helps you really understand the difference between awful, average and the absolute best hair thickening products.

Best Hair Thickening Products

Best Hair Loss Products

In my quest to find the best hair thickening products and best hair loss products I bought literally anything I could get my hands on and visited everyone from my local doctor to acupuncturists, herbalists, trichologist and downright snake oil salesmen (and in one case women!) Such was my desperation with something that some might feel is completely and utterly unimportant – the locks on my head. But to me at the time it was something that was dominating my life and leading to feelings of shame and depression. I tried so many different things such as hair loss shampoo and have finally settled on 4 main products.

For ease of reading I have categorised these into different groups.
Best hair loss treatment   – categorically for stopping any further loss or thinning there were 3 things that did the job for me. Minoxidil, Finasteride and Saw Palmetto. Minoxidil and Finasteride are proven products and are very effective at keeping what one already has. Saw Palmetto is sworn to work by lots of people,  though there has been no scientific testing on it yet. Besides these I tried everything from Chinese medicinal tonics ( Fabao 101, I think it was called, which was a complete joke), to standing on my head using an inversion board, no joke! These three things have kept what I have for the better part of 6 years now. I know they work because on the few times I have stopped using them things have got way worse.

Hair loss shampoo – the undisputed winner was Nizoral (2% ketaconozale). Look into this product if you want, it is amazing. It is designed for dandruff but people rave about it for thinning locks. The most amazing thing is that the effects of it last for 5 days per application. It is cheap and available over the counter.
Another thing I bought into was buying vitamins for hair loss. Kelp, zinc and iron were supposed to be really important. Hate to say it but in the end I didn’t notice any difference in the quality of my mane. I guess male pattern baldness is really due to Dht and testosterone and not a lack of minerals. If a person had problems due to a vitamin deficiency then yes, increasing a dosage of those vitamins in their diet might help but most people get an adequate amount of vitamins in their diets anyway.
Thinning hair treatment – by this I mean things that are specifically meant to address this issue alone – was disappointing and made no real impact. I tried various tonics and lotions and all I can say is they were very successful in making my bank balance get smaller and smaller but not much else. Nearly all of these were herbal and had no proven medical track record. Unfortunately where there is money to be made there will be things for sale.
Hair loss treatment for men came in the form of visiting trichologists and Advanced Hair Studio (you might have heard of them as they used to do mass media blitzes in the tabloids but were warned against false advertising). Sorry to say,  but I lost thousands of pounds here. I guess when one is introduced as a ‘trichologist’ it is easy to assume they are experts and can help you when they promise that.  The only things they could give me were ‘inhouse’ Minoxidil. The standard line every six months was ‘Be patient, you must be calm and patient…’ For male pattern baldness they couldn’t really do anything for me. I sat under lasers, had special massages, used lotions and potions but nothing, zilch! Oh, in case you were wondering Advanced Hair Studio offered me a wig which they insisted on calling a ‘system.’ To be fair they did look good, I got to see people that were actually wearing them. But it took about 2 seconds to make up my mind that I didn’t want to wear a wig for the rest of my life.

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Best Hair Thickening Products

Finding the best hair thickening products can be incredibly stressful and seem like a neverending search.  I wrote this page as I went through some serious stress with my thinning hair and searching for hair loss products for men. I hope you will find it helpful and time saving.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different brands and items promising to thicken up ones weakening locks. Some of these products really work and others are nothing more than snake oil, taking advantage of desperate customers and range from herbal hair loss products to chemicals. Through trial, error and downright desperation I believe I have found the absolute best, most effective and economical products out there.

Not surprisingly given how many people suffer from losing their crowning glory there is an abundance of hair thick products around today. In fact, the industry is meant to be worth billions of dollars every year and in my opinion is basically unregulated, with almost anyone being able to promise any kind of cure no matter how wacky. Having spent literally thousands of dollars myself on everything under then sun I hope by making this page I can give great advice on what works, or at least definitely worked for myself and other members of forums I have been on. If anyone wants to add anything they are most welcome to make a comment below or contact me directly about what the best hair thickenign products are.